Hi, I am Flyme, a dj and producer based in Milan and I like to make mind blowing music!


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Dj Sets | as Flyme

Live Sets | as 291out[er space]

Dj Sets | as Flyme


Music I released so far


  • 291out – Behind The Gates (Starsgarage Rework) (Spades – 2013)
  • Big Mojo feat. Johnny La Rosa – Back Where I Belong (Starsgarage Dub Version) (Irma Records – 2010)
  • Starsgarage – Passageway (WPM Jeans Commercial)
  • Starsgarage – Cosmic Dust (Barking Dogs – 2010)
  • Starsgarage – Superstar (Barking Dogs – 2010)
  • Starsgarage – Pussy Footer (Barking Dogs – 2010)
  • Starsgarage – Catch Me (Barking Dogs – 2010)
  • Starsgarage – The Massage (Barking Dogs – 2010)
  • Starsgarage – Kinotte (303 Lovers – 2007)
  • Mod & Boombay – History Of Colours (House Traxx 2004)
  • Boombay – African Involvements (House Traxx – 2004)
  • Garragee – This Is Your Operator (Alternative Version) (House Traxx – 2003)

About Flyme


Flyme is a dj and producer of the italian soul, funk, afrobeat, disco and house scene. He’s member of the 291out / 291out[er space] collective; he’s also one half of the classic house duo Starsgarage.

Flyme starts his dj career in 1998, doing mostly private parties, bars and small clubs, in which he played deep, soulful house and disco music. Since 2003 he releases his own music: original tracks, remixes, re-edits and compilations with the name of “Starsgarage”, becoming a reference point in Milan’s “House” and “Disco/Nu Disco” club scene.

The obstinate “research for the sample” has, since time, got Flyme close to funk and soul in the darkest shapes and execution modes: grooves, breaks, edits and soundtracks are indeed, among the others, fundamental elements in his “classic sets”

His passion for the club is counterweight only by the one for the jam: it’s indeed not unusual to find him at the controls performing with his musicians in personal “gravity 0″ live sets.

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